Ecobags - La linea de bolsas que respeta el medio ambiente

ECOBags isn't only a trend!

It means being aware that our company's philosophy, values and choices can have a major impact on the environment. Responsibility comes from having strong enough means able to have a positive or negative influence the ambience.

This leads to Taffarello's choices of:
Using recycled paper, not bleached using chemicals.
Using water-based inks.
Manage emissions and wastes with extreme care.
Request and obtaining the FSC®. certificate.

All of these choices were thought and applied before they were requested by the market or used as a marketing tool. In addition, it is our aim to 100% recycle any wastes occurred during the production process. This means that the excess ink, paper, cardboard and glue are collected, recycled and regenerated in such a way that they can be reused in the production cycle.

The focal points of our eco philosophy are: